Supporting the Conversion Therapy Ban Bill

LGBT+ Labour Patron Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP has tabled a private members bill to finally ban Conversion Therapy once and for all.

For the Bill to pass we need over 100 MPs to turn up to the debate and vote FOR the bill. The bill being proposed has already gained cross party support but we need MPs to turn up for the bill to progress through the House of Commons. The Bill bans practices which aim to change someone’s sexual orientation or change someone from being transgender.

What do we want?

A full, trans inclusive, ban on all forms of conversion therapy to be brought in as soon as possible.

To what extent does Conversion Therapy happy in the UK?

The practice of conversion therapy is abhorrent and inflicts trauma and abuse on LGBT+ people who undergo it. Conversion therapy is a real and live threat to the LGBT+ community still to this day. Figures from the UK Government’s National LGBT Survey found that: 7% of LGBT people have been offered or undergone conversion therapy, 10% of asexual people have been offered or undergone conversion therapy and 13% of trans people have been offered or undergone conversion therapy.

Who else has banned Conversion Therapy?

Banning conversion therapy is backed by the entire medical establishment and faith leaders from all communities, including the Church of England. Bans on conversion practices for sexual orientation and gender identity have been enacted in several countries including Canada, New Zealand, France, Malta, Brazil, Uruguay, and Germany.

Why hasn't the Government acted on Conversion Therapy?

Every Prime Minister since Theresa May and including the current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have supported the ban on Conversion Therapy but none of them have brought forward the legislation to do it. The November 2023 Kings Speech, where the King sets out what new legislation is coming forward in the next year, was this Governments last chance to bring it forward, and they failed to do so.

What is the Labour Party position on Conversion Therapy?

On the 29 January 2024 Sir Keir Starmer set out that if the Labour Party forms the next government they will “implement a full, trans-inclusive, ban on all forms of conversion therapy [and] fully support the view that conversion therapy is psychologically damaging abuse.”

When do we need MPs to attend?

The Second Reading of the Conversion Practices (Prohibition) Private Members Bill tabled for 1st March 2024, we need 100 MPs to turn up from any parties on the day and vote for this.

How can you help?

1. Write to your local MP, regardless of political party, to ask them to attend the debate. You can find your MP contact details here and we have drafted the template email here which you can send.

2. Pass a motion through your Branch and CLP structures during February asking your MP to attend in support of the Bill. You can find a model motion here.

3. Spread the word, please share this page with friends and ask them to take action to support the bill to ban conversion therapy.