LGBT Labour

LGBT Labour - The Labour Campaign for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* Rights is a socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party. Members include trade unionists and members of the Labour Party.

  • Upcoming events

    Annual General Meeting 2015
    Saturday, November 07, 2015 at 12:00 PM
    Central London TBC in London, United Kingdom

    The AGM begins at 12:15 with a series of Caucuses and the main AGM commencing at 14:00. The AGM is your opportunity to get involved in LGBT Labour and to influence our campaigns and policy work in the year to come.

    Please note that it is compulsory to participate in a pooled fare if you are attending the AGM. Details are found in the AGM Notice.


    Minutes of AGM 2014

    The minutes of the AGM 2014 will be available in advance of the meeting.


    Nominations for the LGBT Labour National Committee

    Co-Chairs (2 places; 1 must be a woman); National Secretary; Treasurer; Membership Officer; International Officer; Trade Union and Affiliates Officer; Press and Communications Officer; Fundraising and Events Officer; Campaigns Co-ordinator; LGBT Candidates Co-ordinator; Prides Officer; Women’s Officer; Disabled Member’s Officer; Trans Officer;  BAME Officer.

    You can learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the roles in the AGM Notice.


    The AGM will also elect:

    • A Labour Party Conference 2016 Delegate - You must be Labour Party member and be able to attend all of Labour Party Conference in September 2015 (Liverpool). LGBT Labour will pay reasonable expenses for travel, accommodation (eg. hostel) and food. The Conference Delegate may also be a committee member.
    • A National Policy Forum Delegate - must be Labour Party member; may also be a committee member.
    • Two Auditors - who must not be committee members.


    Policy motions and constitutional changes

    Details of how to submit policy motions and constitutional changes can be downloaded here. 



    Please note, we will be attending a local pub after the AGM for informal drinks and networking. Details will be posted online shortly.


    Pool fare
    The pool fare operates to equalise the cost of attending the AGM across all attendees with amendments made to allow for income. In addition a significant contribution is made by the campaign. It is compulsory to participate if you are attending the AGM.

    When you attend the AGM you will need to let us know of any travel expenses you have incurred in attending the AGM (receipts may be required) along with which income band you fit into. This information is used to calculate what is termed the ‘pooled fare’. This is the average travel costs which would have been paid if you added all the travel costs together and divided them between every attendee (adjusted for income) at the AGM. In short it means that someone with a higher income and lower travel costs (i.e. those who have traveled within London) will be asked to contribute money towards the pooled fare at the end of the AGM. From this pooled fare a significant percentage reimbursement is made to those attendees who have a lower income but who had to pay a lot to attend the AGM (i.e. those who have traveled from further afield).

    LGBT Labour campaigning in Delyn
    Monday, November 16, 2015 at 10:00 AM
    Unite Office in Flint, United Kingdom

    Welsh  Assembly Elections: Joins us to campaign for our former LGBT Labour Chair in North Wales
    With just under seven months to go until next year’s Welsh Assembly elections, join LGBT Labour to campaign in Delyn for our former LGBT Labour Co-Chair, Hannah Blythyn.

    Next year’s Assembly election are set to be the toughest yet most important since the start of the Assembly 16 years ago, we need to make sure that Wales – currently the only place that Labour is in power, retains a Labour Government. If elected, Hannah will become one of the first out members in the National Assembly for Wales.
    Meet 10am at Unite office, 64 Chester Street, Flint CH6 5DH. Parking available and just a five minute walk from Flint train station.

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