Model Motion

This Branch Notes

  • That the Gender Recognition Act was passed in 2004 by a Labour Government.
  • That the Equality Act was passed in 2010 by a Labour Government.
  • That in 2018 the UK Labour Party Adopted a definition of Antisemitism and in 2019 it adopted a definition of Islamophobia.
  • In a 2019 UK government survey, 59% of trans women and 56% of trans men said they had avoided expressing their gender identity for fear of a negative reaction from others.
  • That the UK Labour Party has not adopted a formal definition of transphobia.
  • That in 2022 a Labour MP stated publicly that they would prefer to be arrested than address someone by their chosen pronouns.
  • That the officially recognised affiliate of the Labour Party for LGBT+ people, LGBT+ Labour, has adopted a campaign for labour to adopt a formal definition of transphobia.


This Branch Believes

  • That adopting definitions is a fundamental first step in dealing with prejudice.
  • That trans, non-binary and intersex members have the same rights to dignity and respect as any other member, be they Jewish, Muslim, BAME, or LGB.
  • That inclusion and equality are core Labour Values which we should be proud of and should fight for.
  • That people have a right to be respected in their identities and that people should be able to choose their names and pronouns.


This Branch Resolves

  • To write to the Commons Chief Whip, the Leader of the UK Labour Party and the UK NEC asking them to immediately adopt a definition of transphobia.
  • To be a safe and welcoming space for trans, non binary and intersex members.