National Committee

At the AGM each year, LGBT+ Labour Members elect the volunteers who will lead LGBT+ Labour through the following year.

2019/20 National Committee

Melantha Chittenden

National Co-chair

Heather Peto

National Co-chair

Lewis Addlington-Lee

National Secretary

Stephanie Lloyd

National Treasurer

Jamie Dickinson

Membership Officer

Cllr Joshua Garfield

Campaigns Officer

Martin Angus

Fundraising Officer

Marcus Johns

Prides Officer

Maria Exall and Lucio Buffone

TULO Officers

Sarah Kerton

International Officer

Ella Rose

Women's Officer

Rohit Dasgupta

BAME Officer

Astrid Walker

Trans Officer and NPF Rep

Emily Brothers

Disability Officer

Jack Lubner

Youth Officer

Nations and Regions Chairs

Each of the nations and regions hold their own AGMs where they elect their own representatives to lead on local campaigns, local prides and represent them on the national committee. These elections take place throughout the year and if you are interested in getting involved then please get in touch.

Currently the Chair positions for Eastern Regions are vacant so if you are interested in taking on this role please contact us.

Kira Lewis and Oli Kasin

London and South East Co-Chairs

Marcus Johns and Laura Wright

North West Co-Chairs

Sean Kelly-Walsh

East Midlands Chair

Amrita Dhinsa and Antony Tucker

West Midlands Co-Chairs

Jamie Dickinson

North of England Chair

Ellie James and Cllr James Lewis

Yorkshire and Humber Chairs

Alex Beverley

South West Chair

Madeleine Rees and Lu Thomas

Wales/Cymru Co-Chairs

Elsie Greenwood and John McKee

Scotland Co-Chairs