Updating hegemonic femininity in British broadsheet newspapers: The appropriation of trans-exclusionary “feminism”

In Discussion with Camila Montinel McCann (University of Liverpool)


Applying feminist critical discourse analysis (Lazar 2005), Camila analyses British broadsheet news articles, published over a forty-week period from September 2020 until July 2021, that centre transgender identity.

Camila concludes that the the British news media justifies its pervasive anti-transgender bias by appropriating this crude and bigoted “feminism” which, ultimately, allows newspapers to subtly undermine feminist goals by presenting hegemonic femininity as the only legitimate definition for womanhood.

Camila (she/they) is a third-year PhD student in Linguistics at the University of Liverpool. Camila’s research is in the field of language and gender studies and their PhD investigates the representation of women and minority genders in British broadsheet newspapers.


June 01, 2022 at 1:00pm - 2pm