Welcome to the LGBT Labour Trans Action Blog

LGBT Labour, and the other political LGBT organisations have a major part to play in advancing transgender equality through the political system within the United Kingdom.

Politicians at all levels whether it’s a Member of Parliament or Councillors within Local Authorities, these individual people are elected by the people of this country to make decisions, and to decide what goes into legislation and what will make a good policy.

How can we expect our politicians to make informed decisions, without proper information and understanding of how those decisions effect and impact on the transgender community?

As they say,” it takes two to tango”, and both sides have to want to come together in dialogue to create a platform for change, I am talking about our politicians and I think that the transgender community could do much more on this front to create a more meaningful dialogue between the politicians who serve the people of this country and the transgender community.

Does it matter which political party you are affiliated to? I am part of LGBT Labour, we are an independent LGBT organisation affiliated to the Labour Party we exist to advance LGBT equality through the political system, working with Labour MP’s, Labour members of the House of Lords, the trade unions and Labour run Local Authorities.

However, you don’t have to be Labour, it’s the taking part that counts, so why not join your own LGBT political organisation whichever that maybe and start working from within to create a better life for our transgender community.

Some people don’t get involved in politics and think of it as a dirty word, everyone is entitled to an opinion, however these people make all the decisions, if you don’t take part, should you have the right to complain afterwards? I will leave that for you to decide.

For the first time LGBT Labour have put together a comprehensive action plan on advancing transgender equality through the political system, over the next few months when key elements are in place we will be sharing this with you.

This BLOG and everything we do in advancing transgender equality is about addressing issues affecting individual trans people’s lives, so that they are able to interact with society in all walks of life.

Public Life

Have you ever considered standing for Parliament? Or standing in a Local Election? I wonder when the United Kingdom will see its first transgender Member of Parliament elected to Westminster? would it not be fantastic if more members of the Transgender community became local councillors?

BLOG Contributions Welcome

We would welcome contributions from transgender members of LGBT Labour or our supporters, or anyone who thinks they can make a positive contribution.

You may wish to consider writing something that has impacted on your life whether it’s about legislation, policy, the education system, employment, heath or hate crime or your own personal journey,

Let’s not just talk about the bad things that have gone wrong, let us also celebrate some of the good things as well that have happened in our lives.

Positive Contribution Making a Difference

We may contact you to ask your permission to use the information as evidence during our discussions with our politicians, or if you prefer not to post a BLOG on this site and would like to email us in private with your issue then we will treat in the strictest confidence.

We will only use materials that you have given us permission to use, as long As we have your contact details we could also use your experiences as either as anonymous or named case studies.

By email: trans.lgbt.labour@gmail.com

Or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LGBTLabour.Trans.Action

The Facebook group is a closed group where LGBT Labour Transgender members can discuss equality issues between themselves.

Politicians like to make informed decisions, by contributing to this BLOG you will be helping us to move forward in advancing transgender equality through the political system.


Anwen Muston

Trans Officer LGBT Labour