Tories fail to support EU roadmap against homophobia

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014
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Tory MEPs fail to support EU roadmap against homophobia

Tory MEPs have refused to vote for the European Union roadmap against homophobia and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The report, which has been successfully voted through by the European Parliament - despite intense external lobbying - calls on the European Commission to make proposals for non-discrimination in employment, education, health and access to goods and services.

It also calls for the Commission to make proposals for non-discrimination in the fields of: citizenship, families and free movement; freedom of assembly and expression; hate speech and hate crime; asylum and migration; and foreign affairs, whilst at the same time recognising national governments' sole responsibility in some of these areas.

Michael Cashman MEP, co-President of the Intergroup on LGBT rights, led the Socialist & Democrats Group to support the report.

He said:

"I'm extremely proud that the Parliament chose to support this crucial report. It is balanced, sensible, and fair. We won the vote with a clear majority, and it's now this parliament's firm position, which we'll advance over the next few years.

"Sadly the Tories reverted to type by refusing to support this report. They believe what happens to LGBTI people outside the UK and UK citizens travelling around the European Union has no importance for them. David Cameron's line on 'equality for all' rings hollow and insincere."

All Labour MEPs voted in favour of the Report and have signed the election pledge for LGBTI equality in advance of the 2014 European Elections.