New ground-breaking report on the issues facing the transgender community

LGBT Labour has welcomed a ground-breaking report from the Women and Equalities Committee on the issues facing the transgender community. After considering the report, LGBT Labour agrees with its findings that trans people are being failed by this Government and that immediate action must be taken. 

The report particularly highlights the Government’s failure to make progress on the Equalities Office’s Advancing Transgender Equality Action Plan, published in 2011, which it states has been “largely unimplemented” and have given Ministers six months to agree a new strategy. The report states: “This must be done within the next six months. It should set out clearly the areas of responsibility and lines of accountability in the public sector regarding trans equality issues. It should also include a wholesale review of issues facing non-binary and non-gendered people.”

Tara Morris, LGBT Labour Trans Officer, said: “LGBT Labour welcome this report and thank the Women and Equalities committee for their work. In consultation with the trans community, they have highlighted the discrimination that trans people face every day. The Government need to move now with concrete actions to secure basic equality for the transgender community." 

Cat Smith MP, Junior Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, said: "This report makes clear that trans people face discrimination and abuse on a daily basis, including when trying to access the very public services which should be there to assist them. The horrific statistic that almost half of young trans people and a third of trans adults attempt suicide shows what a frightening place the UK can be for trans people. In 2016 this simply is not good enough.

"Ignorance can no longer be an excuse. We need a new strategy from the Government to ensure that outdated laws which are blind to the needs of trans people are amended. There must also be a concerted effort to fight hate crime and make every public service accessible for trans people. A civilised society in the 21st century demands nothing less."