Mapping My Journey Exhibition

Located in the Community Gallery, Birmingham Museum, B3 3DH.

Until: 20th March 2014

As LGBT Labour Trans officer I attended the exhibition  launch event, I thought the display was very comprehensive and very well presented this is an outstanding achievement which portrays the trans community very well through both visual and sound and in my opinion is very worthwhile visiting.

This exhibition explores and celebrates the living memory and history of the transgender community in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Through compelling sound, photos, video, artwork, poetry and artefacts, ‘Mapping my Journey’ brings to life the places, events and personal journeys - for some decisive and swift but for others spanning decades - which makeup the heritage of the West Midlands’ transgender community over the past sixty years.

These stories represent part of our community’s heritage and aim to capture, record and preserve unique individual experiences of being transgender.

At the recent private viewing, keynote speaker, Rev. Rachel Mann stated that “Mapping My Journey was an unimaginable event 20 years ago” and added that this exhibition meant that “in trans terms Birmingham is not the second City, In trans terms Birmingham is now the first City for equality.”

Erika Godwin (Chair of Gender Matters) commented: “This project has been about people. It has culminated in this fantastic exhibition, but goes far beyond it. I must thank the Lord Mayor for opening the exhibition, but more importantly, perhaps, all the people who have contributed to make this such a success.”

Sherrie Tomlinson (CEO of Gender Matters), “I have been humbled by the reaction of visitors to the exhibition, the feedback proves that people from inside and outside of the community are interested in learning more.”

Sherrie added “one of the most humbling experiences was learning that a couple had journeyed to the exhibition to learn more about the transgender community because their grandchild had recently indicated that they were themselves transgender.  Not only had they taken the time to travel to Birmingham but they also spent hours at the exhibition and made further contact with a member of our team.

“This one event alone means to me that the exhibition is worthwhile and shows that these grandparents really do love their grandchild and wanted to know more.”

One visitor commented: “I have now seen the exhibition four times with various members of my family and a number of friends. All have found the exhibition impressive, informative and moving.  I, myself, notice something new each time I go and would recommend a visit just to expand people’s horizons and their knowledge of community diversity.”

Mapping My Journey has been developed by Gender Matters and Involvement Innovation Ltd in Partnership with Birmingham Museums Trust. It is the culmination of a major two-year Heritage Lottery Funded (HLF) Project.

 The exhibition continues until the 20th March 2014.