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British membership of the EU has delivered many improvements in rights and protections for LGBT people both at home in the UK and abroad.

One of the founding principles of the EU is respect for the human rights of all citizens. Your elected Labour representatives in the European Parliament have been championing equality for LGBT people since the 1980s when a Tory government in Britain was introducing Section 28.

Britain has been a leading supporter of LGBT rights in the EU and across the world. We have a stronger voice as part of the EU than we would on our own. To continue championing equality for all LGBT people we need to remain a member of the European Union.

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You can start right now and help our case to remain. We have launched our leaflet that we will be taking across the country to prides and LGBT venues. You can share now on your social media profiles along with your reason to remain.


What our patrons say


"The EU is a force for good in the world, championing equality and human rights for LGBT people and other vulnerable groups. There is no doubt that LGBT people in Britain are better off in the EU - and LGBT people outside Britain are better off because we're in the EU, fighting their corner."

Lord Michael Cashman, former Labour MEP



"LGBT citizens in Britain are better protected thanks to European legislation fought for by Labour and our allies in Europe and delivered by a Labour government here at home. We're stronger and safer inside the EU than out."

Angela Eagle MP, Shadow Business Secretary




"Labour MEPs have led the fight for equality for LGBT citizens for over 30 years and we're continuing this work in the European Parliament today. We speak up for strengthening of the rights of LGBT citizens in the UK and across the world in everything that the EU does. If Britain leaves the EU we lose important protection and also one of the loudest voices for equality in Europe."

Seb Dance MEP, Member of the LGBTI Intergroup in the European Parliament