In Memoriam: A poem for Transgender Day of Remembrance

Over 238 Trans people have been murdered in the past 12 months simply because they were Trans. Although most of these were in North & South America there has been a least 1 murder of a Trans person in this country. There have also been several suicides in the UK because of the pressure put upon trans people by society & the press.

I have written the poem to remember those people on Transgender Day of Remembrance 20th November.

In Memoriam. A poem for Transgender Day of Remembrance

With acknowledgements to Laurence Binyon’s First World War poem “For the Fallen” from which I have borrowed some lines.


from which I have borrowed some lines.
We will remember them
We will remember them
Words borrowed; but meaning just the same
We will remember them.


At the going down of the sun and in the evening
As we gather in memoriam
Remembering our dead
Those so cruelly murdered
Those who died in fear and pain.


We shall remember you
Those who are named
And the countless ones unknown
Killed because of hate
Killed because of ignorance
Killed because of what they were
Who died in fear and pain.


And we remember those
As by their own hand they left us.

Because of what they were
Because of what was done to them
Because of what they suffered
They could take no more.


We will remember you.


We who live salute you
We will keep you in our hearts
We’ll build monuments to your memory
And light candles to your lives.


We shall not forget you
For We will strive
To overcome the hate
To overcome the ignorance
To overcome abuse and barriers put in place.


So release the doves of peace
And let them fly
Spread the message far and wide
We will stand tall
We will stand proud
We’ll take no more hate
We’ll take no more abuse and death!


Teraina E Hird (copyright November 2013