Hello from Tara Morris

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tara Morris, and I was elected as the new Trans Officer on LGBT Labour's National Committee at our AGM in November 2015. This is a great privilege after the three years of hard work put in by Anwen Muston in the role. I have the experience of working with Unison and the founder member of the Facebook group, Say No to Spouse Veto, which was later renamed Trans Rights UK. I also became the Chair for a charity group that supports Gender Identity / Gender Variance, Transcend.

As a Woman with a Trans history after starting my Transition back in 2010. I became aware of the inequality that Trans people face as well as the discrimination that we constantly face. I have always felt strongly about equality and civil rights, and this has been my main motivation for trying to get things done. Having done a lot of work for both Transcend & Unison, I was asked by LGBT Labour activists to get involved. Since than I have developed a thirst for activism - and there is a lot of work to be done.  

There has never been a more important time for fighting for Trans Rights. There have been recent, high-profile incidents of Trans women being sent to male prisons, as well as an acknowledgment of the flaws in the Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), and transphobic hate crime going unreported. This led to Parliament undertaking the Transgender Enquiry, which was published in January 2016. However, despite a recognition of the key issues that Trans people face today, there still appears to be a lack of action within Parliament to resolve these issues. Part of LGBT Labour's remit is to voice the concerns of the Trans community in the hope of securing change and gaining fairer policies for equal rights around Gender Identity / Gender Variance.