Marvin Rees - Labour's candidate for Bristol Mayor supporting LGBT rights

Marvin Rees, Labour candidate for Mayor of Bristol, has set out his plan to work with Bristol’s LGBT communities to promote equality and LGBT pride. 
Marvin Rees said today: 
“As Mayor I will champion equality and challenge homophobia to ensure that Bristol remains a progressive city and a safe home for all LGBT people and their families. By working in partnership with Bristol’s LGBT community as Mayor I will make sure that this is a world class city based on equality and fairness.” 
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Unfinished business: time to pardon Alan Turing

This year has been an incredible year for Britain. This summer when we hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Games we showed ourselves at our very best: a country with progressive values, an inclusive and diverse society coming together to show what we can do. Milton Keynes produced its own homegrown hero in long jumper Greg Rutherford.

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Ed's Out 4 Marriage

Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband has again confirmed his support for equal marriage in a video for the Out4Marriage.

Ed who has spoken of his support for marriage equality on a number of occassions confirmed that the Labour Party would be supporting calls to allow faith groups to opt-in to equal marriage if they wanted.

Ed has been supporting LGBT Labour's equal marriage campaign with an endorsement of our marriage postcard that were distributed at Prides this summer.

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Yvette Cooper on Religious Organisations Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

Yvette CooperYvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, following a meeting of religious organisations and individuals backing same sex marriage, said:

"It is clear from today's meeting that many religious communities and people within different faiths support same sex marriage. And it is really important that their voices are heard. 

"Too often the debate appears polarised between church and state, yet today we heard faith leaders from different backgrounds set out powerfully why they support equal marriage, why they want to be able to hold and celebrate same sex marriage within their own faiths too, and why they disagree with the response some senior church leaders have submitted. 

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LGBT Labour today marks the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHO).

James Asser, Co-Chair of LGBT Labour says:

“The International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on challenges and achievements facing the LGBT community, both here and abroad.

“In the UK we celebrate over a decade of progress, from the equalising of the age of consent through to civil partnerships, whilst recognising the challenges ahead on marriage equality and trans rights.

“This week’s ILGA Annual Survey heralds the UK as the most progressive country for LGBT rights in Europe, but beyond the EU’s borders we see continued persecution of LGBT people, demonstrated by the recent execution of four gay men in Iran.

“We call on our leaders, governments and institutions to lead the campaign for LGBT liberation across the globe.”


Queen's Speech

LGBT Labour today expressed disappointment at the Government’s failure to include a commitment to marriage equality in the Queen’s Speech – the Government’s legislative programme for the coming parliamentary year.

James Asser, Co-Chair of LGBT Labour commented:

“We're disappointed that the Queen's Speech did not include the commitment to marriage equality. This Queen's Speech was billed as supporting families and this would have been the perfect opportunity for the Government to demonstrate that it takes same-sex couple families seriously.

"David Cameron's failure to stand up to the Tory right, by including marriage equality in the Queen's Speech, will encourage and embolden that increasing group of Tory and Unionist MPs who are determined to wreck equal marriage rights for all.”


Yvette Cooper on Tory Backtracking on Marriage Equality

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary and Minister for Women & Equalities, said:

"David Cameron must not backtrack on equal marriage. The attempt by the Tory Right to blame equal marriage for their election results is utterly ludicrous and reveals instead their deep hostility to equality. For the Prime Minister to give in to them would be a betrayal of all those who oppose discrimination. Legislation on equal marriage doesn't prevent Government prioritising jobs, growth or family finances - it is the Coalition economic policy which is preventing that.

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Ken Livingstone launches LGBT Manifesto

Ken Livingstone, Labour's candidate for London Mayor has launched his LGB&T manifesto. 

With contributions from all parts of London's LGBT community, it sets out a challenging, detailed list of actions and priorities for the incoming Mayor of London. It contains strong commitments to tackle hate crime, bullying, celebrate Pride, support LGB&T businesses, arts and culture and defend LGB&T organisations from Tory Government cuts. 

You can read the manifesto here (download - PDF 168KB)

Or alternatively at this link.

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Anti-gay Bus Ads - London Going Backwards

Statement from Ken Livingstone's campaign about the proposed anti-gay ads to be displayed on London buses from next week:-Ken campaigning with LGBT Labour members


Ken Livingstone has said that the decision of the Mayor’s transport body, Transport for London (TFL), to agree advertisements on the side of London buses referring to LGBT people as ‘ex-gay, post-gay and proud’ is a huge mistake that shows how London has retreated from the leading edge on LGBT rights. 

The ads are a response to Stonewall’s bus advertising campaign promoting LGBT rights. 

It’s reported today that London buses were booked to carry an advertising campaign expected to start next week, asserting the power of therapy to change the sexual orientation of gay people. 

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Yvette Cooper - Changing the law to support gay marriage is the right thing to do

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, said: 

"When people love each other and want to make a long term commitment, we should welcome and celebrate it. Changing the law to support gay marriage is the right thing to do and is an important way for the state and society to recognise and respect commitment. 

"Some people opposed civil partnerships when they were introduced, some people opposed the whole idea of civil marriage. But both were the right thing to do and have strong support now. It is welcome that most people also already support the chance for gay couples to get married too."