High Court ruling on PrEP


LGBT Labour welcomes the news today that the National AIDS Trust has won its court case against the decision by NHS England not to support PrEP on the grounds that it was ‘not responsible for commissioning of prevention services’. This was short-sight and has now been shown to be legally incorrect.


There are 110,000 people living with HIV in the UK and each year over 4,000 people are diagnosed with the virus. Big strides have been made in HIV detection and medication but PrEP has the potential to be a powerful new weapon in HIV prevention. If taken daily PrEP has been shown to be extremely effective in reducing the risk of HIV transmission. It is readily available in the United States and it had been expected to be made available in the UK following a successful recent study.


Ian Dylan Thomas, LGBT Labour co-chair said: “Today’s High Court ruling is very welcome and is a vindication of those who have been calling for PrEP to made available via the NHS.


“It is a hugely significant drug with the potential to be a game-changer in HIV prevention. Preventative medicine is extremely important and makes sense on both medical and cost grounds.


“NHS England should not be picking and choosing which preventative services they support and passing it down to local authority level will lead to a postcode lottery which will place the most vulnerable at the highest risk. It again shows the need for a clear and consistent public health strategy.


“It is very disappointing that NHS England has chosen to appeal this decision as this will add further delay. The focus should be on establish a plan to roll out PrEP and continuing the fight against HIV infection.”



Appointment of Justine Greening as Minister for Women & Equalities

LGBT Labour welcomes the appointment of Justine Greening as the first out Minister for Women and Equalities. Given the significant percentage of members of the new cabinet that didn't support equal marriage we see this as an act of good faith to the LGBT+ community. We hope this appointment will mean the government will make progress on Transgender rights, inclusive sex and relationships education in all schools and PrEP to be made available via the NHS.


Response to NHS decision to abandon PrEP rollout

LGBT Labour has described the news that a roll-out of a HIV-preventing Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) drug has been abandoned as shocking and short-sighted. 

There are 110,000 people living with HIV here in the UK, and each year over 6,000 people are diagnosed with the virus. 

If taken daily PrEP has been shown to be extremely effective in reducing the risk of HIV transmission.  It is readily available to at-risk men in the United States, and was expected to be made available following a successful recent study here in the UK.

Sadly, NHS England yesterday announced that they would not be rolling out the drug because ‘NHS England is not responsible for commissioning prevention services’. 

In the House of Commons today, Labour MP Catherine West (Hornsey and Wood Green) asked the Secretary of State for Health to put an end to these erratic and inconsistent decisions and commit to a public health strategy that prevents as well as treats HIV. 

Ian Dylan Thomas, LGBT Labour Co-Chair, said: “Thankfully real progress has been made in recent years in the detection and treatment of HIV, but it is clear we need a public health strategy that incorporates prevention as well as treatment and tackling social stigma. It is shocking that NHS England will only run test sites, which is in effect a postcode lottery of provision for around 500 men.

“I want to thank Catherine West MP for raising this important issue in the House of Commons today. I hope that Government listens to the concerns that she, and the LGBT community have raised.”

Catherine West MP said:  “When the Government passed the Health and Social Care Act they argued that it would help make the system clearer, but now that NHS England is picking and choosing which preventative services it will fund and which it won’t.

“Real progress has been made in recent years in the detection and treatment of HIV, but it is clear we need a public health strategy that incorporates prevention as well as treatment and tackling social stigma. I urge the Secretary of State to put an end to these erratic and inconsistent decisions and commit to public health strategy that prevents as well as treats HIV. “



The Proud Study proved the clinical effectiveness of PrEP. The PROUD study measured the effectiveness of daily PrEP for gay and other men who have sex with men in England, reducing the risk of infection by 86%. The researchers concluded that PrEPoffers a major opportunity to curb new HIV infections in men who have sex with men in the UK.

Information regarding the Proud Study is here.


Exempt poppers from the Government's blanket ban on “psychoactive substances.”

LGBT Labour calls on the Government to exempt poppers from a blanket ban on “psychoactive substances.”

Whilst we back the ban on the sale and distribution of dangerous psychoactive substances - which are a serious risk to public health - Labour believes that there is no evidence poppers cause harm and they are already subject to a successful regulatory regime.

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New ground-breaking report on the issues facing the transgender community

LGBT Labour has welcomed a ground-breaking report from the Women and Equalities Committee on the issues facing the transgender community. After considering the report, LGBT Labour agrees with its findings that trans people are being failed by this Government and that immediate action must be taken. 

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£25,000 raised for record number of LGBT Labour general election candidates

  • 35 openly-LGBT candidates standing for Labour on 7 May 
  • LGBT Labour has raised a record £25,000 to support LGBT candidates 
  • Money distributed through The Chris Smith List
  • The Chris Smith List was set-up in 2009 to support candidates in the 2010 general election
  • Over £40,000 distributed since the list was first established



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LGBT Labour to host #ThanksMichael event next Wednesday

Political and personal friends will gather to pay tribute to Michael Cashman for a lifetime of commitment to LGBT rights as he retires from the European Parliament after 15 years as a Labour MEP.

The event will be hosted by long-term friends and fellow campaigners Lisa Power and Simon Fanshawe who founded Stonewall alongside Micahael Cashman.

Tom Burke, Co-chair LGBT Labour, said:

“It's time to say #ThanksMichael on behalf of all those who have benefited from his commitment to LGBT equality and human rights around the world. That’s why LGBT Labour is delighted to be hosting this event for Michael Cashman.”

Simon Fanshawe, co-founder of Stonewall, Labour activist, broadcaster and diversity expert, said of Michael:

"Michael has always been an advocate. Whether in East Enders, as Chair of Stonewall, as an MEP or Chair of Labour’s NEC and he does it with a certain style and a definite twinkle of the eye.

“I have argued with him, fallen in and out with him. But we have remained friends because he always sees those who are committed to the same cause as allies in life as well as politics. He gives good fun, good leadership and takes good sides and it's a privilege to know him."

Lisa Power spent 14 years with LLGS (Switchboard), 17 years with Terrence Higgins Trust and worked with Michael, Simon and others to set up Stonewall. She has been an admirer of Michael's achievements and his style ever since, saying:

“Although Michael was a TV soap star when I first met him, he has always been an activist in my eyes, never too grand whether as an actor or a politician to get stuck in and personally confront injustice.

“He's an inspiration not just to me but to many others - to follow your dreams, to stand up for justice, to expect the same rights for all. He was key to the founding of Stonewall and our first Chair, driving us forward when few outside our core expected we could achieve much. He is the embodiment of my personal motto – ‘history is for interfering with’.”

To buy tickets for the event please go to www.lgbtlabour.org.uk/thanksmichael


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This election, vote for equality

Im_voting_Labour.jpgAnt McCaul, LGBT Labour Campaigns Officer and Tom Burke, National Co-Chair, highlight what the 2014 local and European elections mean for LGBT people.

As LGBT people across the country go to the polls tomorrow it’s increasingly clear that only Labour is the party of equality.

Another day, another homophobic remark made by a UKIP or Tory candidate about LGBT people. It’s depressing to see this 'little Englander' mentality which harks back to a time of prejudice and discrimination.

Most recently is the turn of a Tory candidate in Newham complaining that Ofsted is trying to impose a “homosexual agenda” on schools. We thought we’d got rid of this nonsense when Labour repealed the hated Tory Section 28 but you only have to scratch the surface of the modern Tory party to uncover this ugly face.

You might think this is an isolated incident but coming on the back of senior Tories complaining about “aggressive homosexual community” in the equal marriage debates last year the evidence is stacking up that you can’t truly trust the Tories with equality. Whilst of course, David Cameron should be congratulated and supported for his personal commitment; his Party continues to be split on the issue. In Europe Tory MEPs fail to support LGBT equality and in the Parliament more than half his MPs voted against Same Sex Marriage.

It is vital too, that LGBT people go out and vote to keep UKIP’s little England vision of yesterday at bay. Nigel Farage is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Members of his party are vitriolic in their attacks on LGBT people. Candidates loved Section 28 and even call for "poofters" to be shot. Openly homophobic candidates are selected as council, European and even Parliamentary candidates – witness MEP and now Parliamentary candidate Roger Helmer and his offensive views on LGBT rights.

Labour has a positive agenda on LGBT rights at home and abroad. Many of the changes that LGBT people enjoy today came about thanks to Labour’s support for LGBT equality.

Labour votes secured equal marriage. We don’t rest on our laurels though – Ed Miliband and Gloria De Piero have already announced that Labour will appoint an LGBT Rights ambassador to challenge abuse around the globe and review the gender recognition act in government so it is fit for modern society. Labour have also pledged to ensure that equality is at the heart of government with a full seat at the cabinet table fighting for equality across government. Contrast this with a Tory Women’s Minister who doesn’t support Lesbian women.

LGBT people heading to vote will consider local as well as national issues as they cast their vote. UNISON and National Centre for Social Research recent report on the impact of austerity on LGBT people shows the impact Tory-Lib Dem cuts are having on services for our communities. LGBT youth services are being cut by Tory council’s like Crawley. Fees for employment tribunal services mean that it is harder for LGBT people to tackle discrimination at work. A top-down costly reorganisation of the health service means that services for LGBT people are being squeezed out.

The cost of Cameron’s Conservatives for LGBT people is clear. Only Labour will deliver equality and bring about the cultural change we need to embed equal rights and challenge prejudice here at home, in Europe and across the world. 


How can Labour win a mandate in 2015?

Last week LGBT Labour and Progress hosted a debate on how Labour can win a majority in 2015.

The event, one in a series held between Progress and different trade unions and socialist societies, as part of their Campaign for a Labour Majority, brought together Gloria De Piero MP, Shadow Women's and Equalities Minister; Chris Oxlade, Labour candidate for Crawley; Finn McGoldrick, NUS LGBT Officer, Sarah Garett, managing director of Square Peg Media and me as co-chair of LGBT Labour.

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Gloria De Piero letter to David Cameron asking for clarification of the Women and Equalities portfolio

Following the announcement that Nicky Morgan will be the Minister for Women ‘attending Cabinet’ and Sajid Javid will have responsibility for Equalities, Gloria De Piero MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, has written to the Prime Minister.

The full text of the letter is below:


The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP

10 Downing Street




9th April, 2014

Dear Prime Minister,

Following today's announcement that Nicky Morgan MP will be replacing Mrs Miller as Minister for Women in an 'attending Cabinet' role and Sajid Javid MP will be responsible for Equalities as Secretary of State for Culture I write to ask clarification on the following points:

1.      Who has overall responsibility for the Government Equalities Office?

2.      Which department does the new Minister for Women relate to, and who does she report to on this portfolio?

3.      Which Minister is ultimately accountable to Parliament on these issues?

4.      How will the Government ensure that issues that particularly impact on women are properly addressed and fully integrated within Government policy?

In addition I ask for your assurances that all of these matters were given proper consideration and discussed with officials before today's appointments were made.

I look forward to your response on this matter.

Gloria De Piero MP

Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities