AGM 2016/17



Many thanks to everyone who attended our 2016/17 AGM in London on Saturday 18 February. We had a record turnout of well over 200 members - a fantastic sign of how much we have grown as an organisation. 

Below is a breakdown of the results of the committee elections. Where indicated, the position was elected unopposed.


Co-Chair (Open): Ian Thomas - 174 votes, Michael Walker - 44 votes, 2 spoilt ballot papers.

ELECTED: Ian Thomas

Co-Chair (Women) (elected by the Women Members Caucus): Sarah Kerton - 37 votes, Josie Runswick - 14 votes

ELECTED: Sarah Kerton

Secretary: Matt Day - 170 votes, Sean McGovern - 49 votes, 1 spoilt ballot paper.


Treasurer: Stephanie Lloyd - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Membership Officer: Sam Green - 32 votes, Chris Wills - 175 votes, 4 spoilt ballot papers

ELECTED: Chris Wills

International Officer: Ida Jarsve - 38 votes, Sophie Lojka - 179 votes, 3 spoilt ballot papers

ELECTED: Sophie Lojka

TU and Affiliates Officer: James Anthony - 172 votes, Peter Purton - 44 votes, 2 spoilt ballot papers

ELECTED: James Anthony

Press and Communications Officer: Tom Oakley - 43 votes, David Robson - 177 votes, 1 spoilt ballot paper

ELECTED: David Robson

Prides Officer: Tom Wilson - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Campaigns and Candidates Officer: Emily Brothers - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Fundraising and Events Officer: Patrick Lilley - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

BAME Officer (elected by the BAME Memvers Caucus): Martin Bailey - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Disabilities Officer (elected by the Disabled Members Caucus): Joseph Alloway - 0 votes, Ashley Dalton - 31 votes

ELECTED: Ashley Dalton

Trans Officer (elected by the Trans Members Caucus): Heather Peto - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Women's Officer (elected by the Women Members Caucus): Ananya Jaidev - 6 votes, Finn McGoldrick - 42 votes

ELECTED: Finn McGoldrick 

Officers Without Portfolio (x2) (elected by the Women Members Caucus): Katie Curtis, Astrid Walker - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

National Policy Forum representative: Rhys Goode - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

Auditors: Maria Exall, Katie Hanson - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

2017 Labour Party Conference delegate: Stephanie Lloyd - ELECTED UNOPPOSED

LGBT Labour London and South-East Co-chairs (elected at the London and South-East AGM): Honor Cohen, Joe Vinson - ELECTED UNOPPOSED


Congratulations to all successfully elected candidates, and commiserations to all those not elected. Thanks also to outgoing national committee members for their work.

February 18, 2017 at 11:45am - 4:15pm
Matt Day ·