2017 Annual Report

Over the past year, we have seen a huge shift in the political landscape, for better and for worse, but LGBT Labour has been with you each and every step of the way, whether that’s supporting candidates in 2017, or organising to campaign for local candidates in 2018. We’ve been busy marching with you at Prides from Glasgow to Plymouth. And we’ve been ensuring that we continue to campaign against the DUP deal, ensuring LGBT Labour is an autonomous voice and combatting increasing transphobia, not only in the party but also within our society.


We’ve led, organised and marched on over 25 Prides this year - here are just a few!


Marched at: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, Cardiff, Black Pride, Blackpool, Leeds, Chester, Oldham, Lancaster, Wigan, Bolton, Student Pride, Leicester, Notts, Lincoln, Derby, Pride Cymru


Supported: Bristol, Sheffield, Wythenshawe, Belfast, Glasgow, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln, World Pride (Madrid), Preston, Trafford, Hertfordshire, Reading, Exeter, Oxford, Portsmouth (led by new patron Stephen Morgan MP), Newcastle, Canterbury (joined by new Labour MP two days after the election), Bradford, Bury, Falmouth, Plymouth


We’ve been busy campaigning and lobbying too. We…


  • Ran the ‘Drop the DUP’ campaign to highlight the grubby deal the Tories made with the homophobic, biphobic and transphobic DUP
  • Organised a photo op with the new LGBT Labour MPs, who have since formed the first-ever official LGBT Parliamentary Labour Party group
  • Held a Trans drop-in event in Parliament to highlight the ongoing policy issues affecting the Trans community


  • Held a Labour Conference fringe event jointly with Stonewall and another with the Labour Campaign to End Homelessness, hosted our legendary ‘Only Party in the Village’ Conference opening party raising over £2000 on the door, and ran a stall selling merchandise, chatting to delegates and signing up new members


  • Held social events at North West and Welsh Labour conferences
  • Held social events for our members in London, Nottingham and Manchester
  • Developed pledges for and signed up our Mayoral candidates to these ahead of their elections
  • Continued our campaign on delivering PrEP in the NHS across the UK
  • Built up a campaign on Trans Rights following the publishing of the Trans Equality report at the beginning of 2017 by the Women and Equalities Select Committee.
  • Have defended our Trans members within the Labour Party
  • Called out homophobia, biphobia and transphobia both within the Labour Party and in the labour movement by writing to heads of those organisations and asking for action to be taken
  • Represented as Party of European Socialists Council in Lisbon in November
  • Sent delegate to Rainbow Rose General Assembly in Stockholm, and nominated and saw elected an LGBT Labour member to the Executive Board of Rainbow Rose (Kev Peel)
  • Held a workshop at the Young Labour Political Weekend
  • Led a campaign against the violence committed against gay men in Chechnya, writing to the Foreign Secretary and protesting outside the Russian Embassy


General election and Local elections


General Election campaign days for our key seat MPs in the 2017 General Election, and support for LGBT candidates across the country. 42 candidates stood – our highest ever, with 20 out MPs elected or re-elected, seeing 5 new LGBT MPs. We:

  • Liaised with the Shadow Cabinet to get our priorities into the 2017 General Election Manifesto
  • Launched our own 2017 election pledges in Hove
  • Have been holding Local Government campaign days in the run-up to the May elections
  • Held a cabaret fundraiser during the snap General Election raising over £700


We have plenty more activity planned for the next 12 months, with local elections in May, Prides and plenty more besides! For details of all our forthcoming activities, please go to our Events page.